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A project of citizens !

Make this human journey together with us

PARIS 2018 is composed by:

• a board of directors (CODIR) elected by the General Assembly

• membership of Paris 2018 :
– Organizations (Associations, Federations, …)
– Individual members

• thousands of volunteers who help in different teams and divisions of the organizing committee.

• a few staff members, civil services and trainees who assist the volunteers teams

• several companies in charge of the organization of events and general management.

Our offices are located at Gallieni 2 Tower,
36 avenue du Général de Gaulle
93170 Bagnolet

on 4th floor
(within the French Federation of Fencing.

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Board of Directors

Real mirror of all diversities, board of directors of Paris 2018 adapts with main priorities. It is composed by volunteers. Its work has been reinforced by several employees, trainees and civic services to cover all organizational and fundraising missions.

  • Manuel PICAUD Manuel PICAUD Co-president
    Manuel PICAUD Coprésident

    « The Gay Games changed my life like that of thousands of people. Paris 2018 is an ode to equality, liberty and fraternity »

    Born in 1965, Manuel is a former director of a banking group, former president of the gay and lesbian sports federation and former treasurer of the International Federation of Gay Games and has participated in the Gay Games since 1998 (gold medalist in long jump in 2014). He is also a journalist and writer.


  • Pascale REINTEAU Pascale REINTEAU Co-president
    Pascale REINTEAU Coprésidente

    « Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 is an opportunity to invest in a unifying project featuring values that unite. It's also a great opportunity to share emotions and to welcome our neighbours in a wider framework and unforgettable atmosphere.»

    Pascaleis a senior executive in public administration. Passionate about the Olympic Games, she practices basketball, tennis and running.


  • Sandrine FRUCHART Sandrine FRUCHART Finance Director
    Sandrine FRUCHART Directrice Financière
    Finance Director

    « I decided to devote my professional skills and my taste of competitive sport towards Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 as it is a cause I have been engaged in for many years. »

    Sandrine, 41 years old, runs a consulting firm in accounting and taxation. She joined the Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 team two years ago, first as treasurer of quality before taking the position of CFO. With particular focus in the volunteer sector, she is also treasurer of the gay and lesbian sports federation and former treasurer of a swimming club.

    An experienced athlete, she captained France at the EuroGames in Stockholm in 2015 and continues to compete in swimming, winning numerous medals.


  • Jérémy GOUPILLE Jérémy GOUPILLE Communication Director
    Jérémy GOUPILLE Directeur de la Communication
    Communication Director

    « Paris 2018 is a unifying project to gather thousands of people from diverse backgrounds to show how their differences can be a source of wealth, sharing, and joy, strengthening our common humanity. »

    Jeremy, graduated in communication, has a diversified experience in all areas of events and communication. Regular sports practicioner, amateur of travels and beautiful parties, he joined the project of Gay Games for their values.

  • Yohann NICOLAS Yohann NICOLAS Director of Operations
    Yohann NICOLAS Yohann NICOLAS
    Director of Operations

    « When I was co-chair of the Paris International Tournament, I understood the power of sport to reduce homophobia and a create positive image of LGBT people. With the Gay Games in Paris, you can still go further. Making others happy is my primary goal.»

    Yohann is a computer engineer and former co-president of the Paris International Tournament. He enjoys swimming. He undertook the adventure of Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 to help those who feel excluded and discriminated.

    His greatest reward will be to obtain testimonials from people touched by this original sports movement and for whom the life, the perception of the sport and the eyes of others will have changed thanks to the Gay Games.


  • Emy RITT Emy RITT Director of International Participation
    Emy RITT Director of International Participation
    Emy RITT

    “The Gay Games are for me synonymous with pride and liberation. It’s a life-changing experience and an incredible sense of sharing for thousands of people from the world over.”

    Emy is a Project Manager at an international university in Paris. A native of Boston in the US, Emy has lived in Europe for more than 25 years. She discovered the Gay Games in 1998 in Amsterdam and was co-President of the Federation of the Gay Games for 6 years before joining the PARIS 2018 team. She also worked for the London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. She has played the violin with the Paris Rainbow Symphony Orchestra since 2004.

    Her greatest rewards are obtaining French citizenship in 2010, receiving the Berlin Pride prize for Civic Courage in 2012, and winning the silver medal in sailing during the Chicago Gay Games in 2006.


  • Amar BOUDI Amar BOUDI Director of Participation for France
    Amar BOUDI Directeur de la Participation France
    Director of Participation for France

    “The Gay Games sends a message of tolerance and openness for all diversities. PARIS 2018 will be a
    magical moment that will help bring about a real change in mentality towards the ideas of what is

    Amar is the former co-president of “Entre2basket”, the association in charge of organizing the basketball competition for the 2018 Gay Games in Paris.  He has participated in the Cologne Gay Games in 2010 and Cleveland in 2014. He has also earned a silver medal in the country of basketball.


  • Frédéric BAUMANN Frédéric BAUMANN Director of Participant Services
    Frédéric BAUMANN Directeur des Services aux Participants
    Director of Participant Services

    “PARIS 2018, for me it’s the culmination of more than 30 years of my commitment to the games. I am so proud to be able to welcome this extraordinary celebration in my country!”

    Frédéric is a professional just retired in the airline industry and also an oenologist. An accomplished athlete, he was the only French participant in the first Gay Games in San Francisco in 1982.  He has participated in most of the following editions and carried the flag for the French delegation of the Sydney Gay Games.


  • Jean-Philippe FRANQUEVILLE Jean-Philippe FRANQUEVILLE Director of Festivities
    Jean-Philippe FRANQUEVILLE Directeur des Festivités
    Director of Festivities

    “Paris 2018 represents the opportunity to show to the world our know how when it comes to
    organizing sporting, cultural and festive events open to everyone.”

    Jean-Philippe is a consultant in strategy. Swimmer, he was also part of the 100% male synchronised swimming team. He has participated in the Gay Games since 2010. He was part of the organization of the French National Swimming championship in 2014

  • Laurent STACHNICK Laurent STACHNICK Director of Culture
    Laurent STACHNICK Directeur de la Culture
    Director of Culture

    « PARIS 2018 is a big party, and an opportunity to set aside our differences and share strong values around sport and culture.»

    Laurent is an actor and artistic collaborator for theater, mostly on contemporary writing and as director of the Company Lophophore. In addition to the creations and touring, he has hosted many practical theater workshops in schools, prisons, hospitals, so-called “sensitive” neighbourhoods, andabroad at festivals in Lebanon and Cairo. Laurent also sings in the LGBT Melomen choir. Laurent is delighted to be a leader for Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 and contribute to the development of culture for all. Comite_directeur_culture

  • Frédérique VIDAL Frédérique VIDAL Sports Director
    Frédérique VIDAL Directrice des Sports
    Sports Director

    « The organization of the Gay Games in Paris based on the solid experience of Parisian associations. Together, we have the goal of creating an exceptional event which participants will remember all their lives.” »

    Frédérique is a squash player and sports director of the city of Meudon. She joined the Paris 2018 Sports team in 2015 and was elected director of sports in 2017.

  • Thierry MERCIER-LENOIR Thierry MERCIER-LENOIR Director of Inclusion
    Thierry MERCIER-LENOIR Director of Inclusion

    “PARIS 2018 is a terrific opportunity to show that sports can be something unifying and not systematically discriminatory.”

    Thierry, civil servant, wanted to join the board in order to bring his vitality and experience in several fields for the Gay Games. In the past, he run the organization of Restos du cœur in a French city, brought social support and solidarity and colllect food for the restaurants in South West of France. He is supporter of women and men equality and questions about handicap.

Public Steering Committee

The institutional supervisory committee is in charge of monitoring and accompanying the Gay Games to ensure preparations run smoothly with respect to public policies and in the general interest of the event itself, and to offer their expertise in order to facilitate the fulfilment of the project.
The committee has given specific advice on strategy, action plans and on the budget. It has also proposed areas of needed improvement and supported the actions taken by the organizing committee of Paris 2018 as well as inform them and anticipate potential difficulties in their structure. In summary, the committee has overseen the road map to the Paris 2018 Gay Games.

« Build up

Gay Games 10 together.

For an unforgettable

experience for

all participants »

The institutional steering commitee is composed by the folowing members representing:

  • the national government and its various ministries
  • the National Center for the development of sports
  • the city of Paris
  • the Ile-de-France region
  • the Gay and Lesbian Sporting Federation
  • the French Olympics Movement
  • partner associations: “Autre Cercle”, the LGBT Center, “FAGE” (Federation of General Student Associations) among others

Gay Games Steering Committee

The Gay Games steering committee of PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 is composed by seven members of the international Federation of GAY GAMES (FGG) and five members of the Organizing Committee of PARIS 2018. There are at least one conference each month and two face-to-face meetings each year. The annual meeting of the FGG will be held in Paris in October 2017.