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From Wednesday 1 August
to Sunday 12 August 2018

France, Ile-de-France Region and the City of Paris were thrilled to welcome the world to a great festival of diversity and sharing. PARIS 2018 offered a happy week to all participants, visitors and spectators. All of them could participate in a way or another and enjoy GAY GAMES 10.

Our rich program of festivities completed sporting and cultural programs and contributed to the experience of all participants, visitors and spectators.

The major event was the opening ceremony at the Jean Bouin Stadium, a magnificent venue. The athletes and the artists paraded there proudly before taking advantage of a colourful show.

The ceremony was followed by an all night gala opening Party at the Grand Palais, one of the most prestigious monuments of Paris.

For all week, a village of the Gay Games was held on the City Hall Plazza and assured entertainment every day till 10 pm. The Gay Games were visible at the heart of the city.

The program also included a special Party for Women on a boat and an immense closing party at the Docks de Paris, a few hours after the closing ceremony at the City Hall Plazza.







Official parties



Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony launched officially the Gay Games.

It was in sour steps:

  1. The gathering of participants from around the world: meeting point in front of the stadium 
  2. Their colourful parade into the stadium.
  3. The official part with speeches of institutions, the FGG and Paris 2018 copresidents
  4. An amazing Show with hymns, athletes’ and officials’ oaths, flame, and entertainment

Between history and modernity: Jean Bouin, a stadium of excellence

Inaugurated in March 2013, the Jean Bouin stadium has a capacity of 20,000 seats. It especially hostes rugby matches of the Stade Français. It was built by Rudy RICCIOTTI and is now an art object. The quality of its rooms, medical services, newsroom, official forum, allows it to meet the conditions for approval of a rugby stadium of international level. The Gay Games participants and officials will be accommodated optimally.

The Stadium is also very accessible by public transportation (metro lines nearby as well as many bus lines).



2_Opening Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony was at the City Hall Plazza of Paris. It happened on Saturday, 11th, late in the afternoon and during the evening.

It was offered by volunteers of Paris 2018 to all Participants, Volunteers, Partners, Officials and staff.

During closing ceremony, all participants and spectators gathered with old and new friends to celebrate the memories made, the personal-best victories and get energized about the 40th anniversary of Gay Games in Hong Kong 2022!

There was an amazing show proposed by Parisians from sport and culture organizations, as they traditionally do every year at Paris International Tournament.


12_Closing Ceremony


Gay Games also rhyme with parties in the evenings to relax after the effort.

PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 prepared three memorable parties in exceptional venues. Paris is also the night capital and participants, visitors and spectators discovered the city under another day.

Opening Party

Grand Palais, an exceptional place for a unique event!



Grand Palais – Réunion de Musées Nationaux

PARIS 2018 has selected RedWolf to organize its official opening party at the Grand Palais to welcome thousands of people.

To make this event unprecedented, we welcome the most accomplished DJ, remixer and music producer on the international gay scene: Offer Nissim. DJ Kingstone, resident at RedWolf, will also play. The entire line-up and the artists who will be on stage will be revealed soon.

The event will take place in one of the most amazing venue of Paris, on the Champs-Elysées avenue: le Grand Palais. Set up as an ephemeral club for a maximum capacity of 5,600 people, it will house an immense stage with more than 100m2 of screens, the best sound system by L-Acoustics, an impressive light show, a VIP area, lockers, bars, food-trucks…

The GRAND PALAIS, built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, has known for over a century a rich and vibrant life. Huge space, the Nef attracts all eyes with its glass roof, the largest in Europe.

The capacity of the Grand Palais is around 5,600 places. Be sure you buy your ticket early and get a unique chance to dance with our ambassadors and all champions.

Get your ticket now!

www.grandpalais.fr www.rmn.fr


4 – 5

3_BIG Grand Palais
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Ladies' Night

Ladies’ night, a fun and festive night for women and their friends on August 8th

PARIS 2018 organized an evening exclusively for female participants and friends. Nearly 1500 people danced at this amazing event at the river bank, enjoying a view of the Seine.


On board the “Ponton”, a popular place in Paris, everything was designed to make it the best women’s party ever! Even the DJs were selected among the best known and most famous women in Paris.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors, there was a raffle during the evening for such prizes as:

  • A cruise for 2 people offered by Olivia, and
  • A ski trip for 2 people offered by the Hotel Principauté de Comborcière

Logo_Olivia_Red_HD     Logo_La Comborcière_HD


08 – 09


8_Ladies Night-2
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Closing Party

The closing party was held during the night of 11th to 12th August 2018 at “Docks de Paris”

The “Docks de Paris” have become the essential place for Parisian nights.
Accommodating nearly 5,000 people, this event was like Gay Games: Convivial, warm and mixed.
The biggest females/males French and European Dj presented to color the evening in the various rooms. Surprises awaited dancers throughout the night.



11 – 12

13_Closing Party
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The Village

The village was a fundamental to the success of the Gay Games. Showcase event, a place open to all, it was intended for participants but also to other audiences as the Parisians, partners, people visiting Paris and Paris 2018 volunteers.

City Hall Plaza

The best symbol of sharing and exchange in the heart of Paris is the City Hall Plaza (“Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville”).

It is located close to the “LGBT neighborhood”: the Marais, one of the most touristic areas of the city. Thanks to its geographical position, it is very well served by public transportation (metro, bus, bike service Vélib’). From there, athletes ans artists could move quickly to the venues of sporting and cultural events.

The City Hall Plaza changes face throughout the year by hosting numerous events attended by thousands of spectators. In terms of culture and tourism, the Hotel de Ville is a beautiful architectural building. It represents the French style (rebuilt in 1800 after fire). It has housed – and still houses – the municipal institutions of Paris since 1357 . The Town Hall also hosts free exhibitions that meet a great success with the public.

The Village: entertainment location

With more than 12,000 square meters, Paris 2018 offered a large number of events throughout the Gay Games. Open to all, the City Hall Plaza was transformed into a giant playground where children and adults could discover many sports and cultural events.

From 10 am to 6 pm, initiation sessions in some sports were proposed as well as demonstrations for disabled sports program. There were also Health prevention, citizenship activities and cultural events and concerts.

From 6 pm to closing time each day, two shows and one party took place every day. Diversified themes satisfied all type of spectators. Thanks to that, the Village was different every day! It closed at 11:00 pm every night.

3 – 10


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