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From 4 to 12 August 2018


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A celebration of diversity

Since 1982, the Gay Games have brought together people from all over the world, with diversity, respect, equality, solidarity, and sharing.
With sport a common theme for inclusion, the Gay Games are open to all, young or old, athlete or artist, experienced or novice, gay or straight.
For athletes, artists, supporters, spectators, donors, volunteers, conference participants, sponsors, or simply anyone interested in this project, everyone has a role to play at the Gay Games and help to progress our society.

Rendez-vous in Paris in 2018, where we will share together some moments rich in emotion.

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Do you share our values? You dream of participating in a worldwide event? Register for the greatest sporting and cultural event along with up to 15,000 attendees from over 70 countries.

Book your favorite activity now! Take advantage of our preferred price “Smart” fot the next 2,000 registrations before 31 December 2017. The sooner you register, the more you save.

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Our public partners

  • Ministère de la ville, de la jeunesse et des sports

    Message du Ministère de la jeunesse et des sports  « Nous nous réjouissons que Paris organise en 2018 la prochaine édition de ce grand événement sportif et culturel. L’engagement du Ministère des Sports, en particulier de Valérie Fourneyron, a permis d’impulser une dynamique qui a conduit au soutien de tout le gouvernement pour que la 10e édition des Gay Games puisse se tenir en France. La Fédération internationale des Gay Games a ainsi désigné Paris 2018 pour organiser la 10e édition, grâce à la mobilisation de votre organisation et celle de la Ville de Paris, de la Région, du CNOSF et de l’Etat. Paris et la France s’attacheront à offrir aux délégations venues du monde entier une magnifique manifestation sportive, culturelle et festive ouverte à toutes et à tous. Cet évènement majeur permettra de donner une visibilité accrue aux thèmes de tolérance et de l’intégration de l’ensemble des lesbiennes, des gays, des bisexuel(les) et trans* dans notre société. Au-delà de la compétition sportive, nous sommes convaincus que les valeurs républicaines de refus de toutes les discriminations seront portées de la plus belle manière par cette 10e édition des Gay Games en 2018. Soyez assurés de notre plein soutien et de nos sincères encouragements pour vos actions menées contre les préjugés et contre l’homophobie. »

  • CNDS (Centre National pour le Développement du Sport)

    Créé en 2006, le Centre National pour le Développement du Sport (CNDS), établissement public sous la tutelle du Ministre chargé des sports a pour mission

    1. le développement de la pratique du sport par le plus grand nombre,
    2. l’accès au sport de haut niveau et l’organisation de manifestations sportives, notamment les grands évènements sportifs internationaux (GESI)
    3. le renforcement de l’encadrement et à la professionnalisation de la pratique sportive

    Le Centre national du Développement du Sport (CNDS) s’est engagé à subventionner Paris 2018 – 10e édition des Gay Games dans le cadre de son programme Projets innovants. Une convention triennale 2016-2018 a été signée en 2016 pour un total de 240 000€.

    Déléguation Interministériel aux Grands Evénements Sportifs


    La Délégation interministérielle aux Grands Evénements sportifs est à la fois un facilitateur des relations entre les services de l’Etat et les organisateurs des événements sportifs et un accélérateur de développement économique et social des grands événements sportifs. Elle est dirigée par un préfet, M. Nicolas DESFORGES, le DIGES. Son intervention est triple :

    – Un pôle affaires générales et institutionnelles, qui a en charge notamment le suivi de la mise en œuvre des lettres de garantie, les questions de transport, les aspects juridiques, les relations avec les sites hôtes.

    – Un pôle accompagnement et développement, qui promeut les animations périphériques, l’accompagnement économique, social, culturel, pédagogique et environnemental, le développement durable des territoires, et qui développe la démarche d’évaluation des grands événements sportifs.

    – Un pôle sécurité et prévention, qui assure l’expertise, le conseil et la coordination des forces de sécurité publique et civile.

    PARIS 2018 fait partie des Grands événements sportifs suivi par le délégué interministériel aux grands événements sportifs, M. Nicolas DESFORGES (DIGES) et de son équipe qui contribue de manière constructive au projet.

    manière constructive au projet.

  • Région Ile de France

  • Ville de Paris

    A Word from the Mayor of Paris

    The Honorable Anne Hidalgo (Photo)

    Mayor of Paris

    ‘By organizing Paris 2018-Gay Games 10, Paris has committed to equality.  In effect, this great sport and cultural event permits athletes and artists of all levels of experience and from all over the world to affirm together the right of everyone to be different.


    With the Paris International Tournament (TIP), organized each year by the member clubs of FSGL (the French Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation), this springtime event, comprised of debates and sessions to sensitize the public to the issues of discrimination, Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 offers our city the opportunity to take yet another step towards a society that is fairer, friendlier, and more fraternal.


    Thanks to the Gay Games, Paris intends to continue its efforts to promote tolerance, respect, and liberty, even if at times, against the odds.


    I invite everyone to come to Paris to participate in Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 and share in some beautiful moments of sport and culture. »


    Photos to be added of the Mayor and Deputy Mayors

    Inter-Ministerial Delegation Against Racism, Antisemitism and Hate against LGBT

    Délégation Interministérielle contre le Racisme, l'Antisémitisme et la Haine anti LGBT

    Under the authority of Prime Minister, the Inter-Ministerial Delegation Against Racism, Antisemitism and Hate against LGBT has since November 2014 the mission to combat racism, antisemitism and hate against LGBT


Universal principles, human values

The GAY GAMES are based on the three guiding principles of Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best™.
A philosophy that goes beyond mere competition and promotes human values ​​above all.



“Our differences must, by no means, be a disadvantage, but they must be an enrichment.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Gay Games celebrate all people, whatever their sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social or geographical origin, gender, sports or cultural level, disability, etc. Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 is the one and only sports and cultural event in the world that is open to everybody (over 18 years of age).




“Tolerance should really be only a temporary attitude; it must lead to recognition.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At the Gay Games, there are rules to be respected to provide guidance on how to live and compete with one another. And there is also a commitment to respect every person. Our mission is to help everyone respect themselves and others, whatever their differences may be. That is our contribution to social cohesion.




“The topmost equality is equity.” Victor Hugo
At the Gay Games, the three values of the national French motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” are essential. With its slogan “All Equal”, Paris 2018–Gay Games 10 continues to stress the importance of this fundamental human right for all. Unfortunately, over 70 countries still criminalize homosexuality, a dozen with the death penalty. Therefore, the Gay Games are open to all, without any kind of selection or requirements (other than being 18 or more years old).




“One for all, all for one!” Alexandre Dumas
At the heart of the spirit of the Gay Games are mutual assistance and solidarity, and is why Paris 2018 and the Gay Games Federation raise funds to be awarded to those who may not have the necessary means. Also, because it is essential to participate and perform one’s Personal Best, the competition will always stay friendly and welcoming.




“Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared.” Albert Schweitzer
The Gay Games are first and foremost a moment of joy, celebration and friendship. This international gathering gives the opportunity to share a common experience that can change the perception of the world. Paris 2018–Gay Games 10 is the opportunity for France to welcome the whole world to share their values, culture and l’art de vivre.

A federation of energy

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GAY GAMES benefit from the support of multiple associations sharing the same values.


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Our first partners

« From the start of this project, I chose to make a commitment beside the team of Paris 2018 - as an athlete professional, as sports passionate but also as a woman and as a citizen. That is why I invite you right now to join us: Gay Games are a big party in which each can participate. »


Laura FLESSEL is one of the most famous French champions. She supporter the bid of PARIS 2018. She is now Minister of Sports.



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A community-based project thanks to your donations

Paris 2018 is a non-profit association recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Thanks to your donations, Paris 2018 also benefits from the presence of its distinguished and diverse supporters: Laura Fessel, Isabelle Lamour, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Emmeline Ndongue, Ryadh Sallem and Lilian Thuram.



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