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Under the auspices of the international Federation of Gay Games and with the support of the main public institutions, PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 is a project of volunteers and non-profit organizations. You too can bring your support in order to make the experience unforgettable for each participant et each spectator. PARIS 2018 is a federation of energies to build this kaleidoscope of sporting, cultural, festiv, and humanist events. We absolutely need your help to welcome 15000 participants, to offer a full world-class program and to change minds. There are many kinds of help you can offer. We count on you!

Public Partners

Ministry of Town, Youth and Sports

Ministry of Town, Youth and Sports has supported PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 since the bid. Minister Mrs Valérie FOURNEYRON came to Cleveland with the bidding team during the final round in October 2013. Since then, Ministers Mr Patrick KANNER et Mr Thierry BRAILLARD have confirmed their support, in particular to fight violence and discriminations in sport. Support include a grant given by CNDS (National Center for Sports Development), a full time staff given to PARIS 2018, communications and participation at the Institutional steering committee of PARIS 2018.



The National Center for Sports Development (CNDS) committed to give grants for innovative projects to PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 . A three year convention (2016-2018) has been signed in 2016.



PARIS 2018 is considered as an international sporting event and is monitered by the interministerial delegate to international sporting events, Mr Nicolas DESFORGES (DIGES) and his team, which contributes in a very efficient manner.


Region ile-de-France

The Region of Île-de-France has supported PARIS 2018 since the bid. The newly elected team and her president Mrs Valérie PECRESSE confirmed their support, in particular in order to fight homophobia in sport. This helps includes grants, free venues, communications and the participation of the Vice-President, Patrick KARAM as member of PARIS 2018 Institutional steering committee.


City of Paris

The City of Paris and Mayor Mrs Anne HIDALGO have supported PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 since the bid. Mayor’s Deputies Mrs Hélène BIDARD, Mr Jean-François MARTINS and Mr Bruno JULLIARD and their teams participate to the institutional steering committee of PARIS 2018. Support includes coordination of all public services of the city of Paris, free cultural, sporting and festive venues and some grants. PARIS 2018 is a window for the City of Paris to welcome international events and an exemple of making the city a unique and giant playground.


PARIS 2018 is
a project of citizens
supported by volunteers

PARIS 2018
is possible
thanks to
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Private Partners

PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 presents a range of opportunities for commercial partners. From big to small, we want to hear from companies who’d like to be involved.

PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 will be looking to partner with leading local and international organisations who can help us deliver the ‘best Gay Games ever’. For more information on how PARIS 2018 can meet your strategic, marketing and sales objectives please email our delegate of development: Claire CABANEL.

Our first official partners from the travel industry have been selected in order to offer our guests the most enjoyable experience in Paris region and in France.

  • KTS Franceis our official partner for hotel bookings and transport (by air, train…) in Europe and from your guests home and offers a great choice of excursions in and outside Paris to make every stay in France memorable
  • misterbnbis our official partner for bed and breakfast and apartments rental that would allow everyone to “stay like a gay local”!

When choosing to book through our official partners, our guests will benefit from the best possible negociated prices but will also sponsor the organization of the Gay Games!


  • KTS France KTS France Official Travel Agency
  • misterb&b misterb&b Number 1 in the world of in the LGBTIQA rental housing
    misterb&b misterb&b

    misterb&b is a proud official partner of Paris 2018 for bed and breakfast and apartments rental that would allow everyone to “stay like a gay local”! misterb&b is the #1 gay hotelier in the world. This is a symbolic partnership because not only is Paris the hometown to misterb&b, but the concept on which it was founded, is the same of the Gay Games, as described by founder, Tom Waddell “…the word ‘equality’ would take on its full meaning, a world in which exclusion based on difference would no longer exist”. Since its launch, misterb&b has focused on flourishing the LGBTQIA community – as a platform that connects LGBTQIA friendly hosts and travelers around the world, where everyone is welcome. “ALL EQUAL” is not only the theme of the upcoming Paris 2018 Gay Games 10, but a mantra that supports the cornerstone of each organization, and further reinforces our partnership. Equality connects, diversity unites, and solidarity welcomes. misterb&b is proud to be collaborating with such a wonderful organization that really encompasesses and encourages the LGBTQIA community. Just as all are welcome to participate in the Gay Games, all are welcome to explore the world with misterb&b! For apartments and rooms, see misterb&b at:

  • Blued Blued Number 1 in the world of Gay Social Media
    Blued Blued

    Blued is an LGBT social media app that is a subsidiary of Danlan, a Chinese-based LGBT corporation founded and run by Mr. Geng Le. Blued is currently the largest gay social network app in the world. Launched in 2012, the free app now counts over 27 million users with the majority still in Asia. It has just been launched in Europe. The application is available on Android and iOS. Its features include verified profiles, live broadcasting, a timeline, and group conversations.



  • Franprix Franprix Brand of a mini-markets
    Franprix Franprix

    Franprix a brand of a mini-markets network very well established in French cities, particularly in Paris. Franprix is part of GROUP CASINO, leader in mass retail with operations around the world.

  • General Electric General Electric Global industrial group
    General Electric General Electric
    Global industrial group

    With products and services ranging from aircraft engines to power generation, from water treatment to medical imaging, from corporate and consumer financing to industrial products, General Electric is at the service of all.

    GE is dedicated to the essentials. Meeting the great challenges of tomorrow thanks to the talents of its employees and its advanced technologies. Invent innovative solutions in the fields of energy, health, transport and finance. Building a sustainable, safer and more mobile world and fueling it. GE is not only thinking about the future, it makes it happen.


PARIS 2018 set up a foundation Inclusion Paris 2018 under the auspices of the very well known foundation FACE (Foundation Act against Exclusion) in order to encourage all kinds of philathropic sponsorship. You may become a member by giving an amount over 1,000€ and become a founding member by committing to give 5,000€ by year. We recognize the sponsors who wishes accordingly to their contribution. You can also give directly to PARIS 2018, which offers also tax-deductions for French residents. If you live in the USA, we might offer you a possibility of tax deduction depending on your donation. For more information, please email our delegate of development: Claire CABANEL



Paris 2018 has many supporters who facilitate PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10. Honorary presidents, Mr Pierre BERGE, president of the Yves Saint-Laurent Pierre Bergé Foundation and Mrs Isabelle LAMOUR, president of the French Federation of Fencing ally sport and culture. The same for our four patrons: Mrs Laura FLESSEL, Mr Jean-Paul CLUZEL, Mr Jean-Paul GAULTIER and Mr Ryadh SALLEM. Their commitment for equality is an example. Eight other ambassadors support PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES and participate to spread our our messages to the general public. They will also take part to the Gay Games as participants.

  • Laura FLESSEL Laura FLESSEL Marraine de PARIS 2018

    Laura Flessel-Colovic, nicknamed “the wasp” is one of the greatest French champions. A sword specialist, she is a five-time Olympic medalist (including individual and team titles won in 1996), a six-time world champion and a European champion. At the Olympic Games in London 2012, she is the flag bearer of the French team at the opening and closing ceremonies. Laura Flessel supports several humanitarian and solidarity actions such as the AMREF Flying Doctors France, Handicap International and the NGO Plan France25. She works to popularize and promote fencing, especially in neighborhoods and among young people. After a term at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Laura Flessel was appointed a member of the National Sports Council. From 2013, she became the ambassador of Paris 2018 and moved to Cleveland for the final selection.

  • Lilian THURAM Lilian THURAM Ambassador
    Lilian THURAM Lilian THURAM

    An international Champion proud of the Gay Games colors Former international footballer (soccer) player, winner of multiple titles, and sports awards, Lilian Thuram becomes ambassador of Paris 2018 for the tenth edition of the Gay Games. In this role, he will be charged for promoting the event and defending its principles – Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best – to the general public. Particularly sensitive to the inclusive aspect of the event, Mr. Thuram is ready to form a football team or participate in another sport in order to participate in and help us reach our goal of 15 000 participants. Discover a video clip of showing his support here. A long-standing commitment against the discrimination Lilian Thuram continues its fight against all forms of discrimination, including in his eponymous Foundation, whose mission is to “eradicate racism through the education”. By becoming a major spokesperson of Paris 2018, Lilian Thuram has shown his commitment to diversity, respect, equality, sharing, and solidarity.

  • Pierre BERGÉ Pierre BERGÉ Président d'honneur
    Pierre BERGÉ Pierre BERGÉ

    Pierre Bergé is President of the Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, recognized as a public utility since 2002, whose missions are the conservation of Yves Saint Laurent’s work, the organization of exhibitions and the support of Cultural and educational activities. In 1994, Pierre Bergé created, with Line Renaud, Ensemble contre le SIDA (Together Against AIDS), which later became known as Sidaction and was its Chairman. The Pierre Bergé Endowment Fund, which was founded in 2009, has made long-term efforts to combat AIDS by paying two million euros a year for five years. Pierre Bergé also actively supports associations such as Act’up Paris and SOS Racisme. Activist since he was a young man, Pierre Bergé participates in Garry Davis’s “Citizens of the World” movement. He met François Mitterrand in 1984 with whom he became friend, and created the magazine Globe in 1988, which supports his candidacy for the presidential election. With Jacques Rosselin he founded in 1990 Courrier International and then the gay magazine Têtu in 1995. In 2010, in partnership with Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, Pierre Bergé became the majority shareholder of Groupe Le Monde. He is appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

  • Ryadh SALLEM Ryadh SALLEM Parrain de PARIS 2018
    Ryadh SALLEM Ryadh SALLEM

    Ryadh Sallem, aged 45, has participated in four editions of the Paralympic Games (Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, London 2012) within the team of France’s basketball chair and rugby chair. He has won three European Basketball Championship titles and a world record in medley relays swimming. He is one of the most versatile disabled athletes of his generation. Committed, he founded in 1995 CAPSAAA, (Cap sport Art Adventure Friendship), association to raise awareness among able-bodied people and promote a positive vision of disability.

  • Jean-Paul GAULTIER Jean-Paul GAULTIER Parrain de PARIS 2018
    Jean-Paul GAULTIER Jean-Paul GAULTIER

    Jean-Paul Gaultier is the French fashion designer known throughout the world. He was master of ceremonies at the opening of the Gay Games in Amsterdam in 1998.

  • Jean-Paul CLUZEL Jean-Paul CLUZEL Ambassador
    Jean-Paul CLUZEL Jean-Paul CLUZEL

    Jean-Paul Cluzel presided over the Reunion des Musées Nationaux and the Grand Palais. Former Financial General Inspector, he was director of the Opéra de Paris and president of Radio France International and Radio France.


    Maguy Nestoret-Ontanon is a French athletics champion in 200m in 1993, 17 team selections from France and ex-commissioner on the fight against discrimination in sport at the Ministry of Sports. Thanks to these positions, she sat on the Institutional Monitoring Committee of Paris 2018 for a year.

  • Ophélie DAVID Ophélie DAVID Ambassador
    Ophélie DAVID Ophélie DAVID

    Ophélie David is an accomplished skier with an impressive track record. After her debut at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994, she joined the French team in 2002 in ski cross and surpassed the world competition with many victories in the world championship in 2007, in the world cups (3 large crystal globes in 2006, 2008 and 2009 plus 7 small crystal globes) and the X Games (4 gold medals). She is the winner of the ski cross season in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. She also participates in the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010 and Sochi in 2014.

  • Emmeline NDONGUE Emmeline NDONGUE Ambassador
    Emmeline NDONGUE Emmeline NDONGUE

    Emmeline Ndongue-Jouanin is a French basketball player who has retired from basketball since 2014. With the French Team, she was Olympic vice-champion 2012 and European champion 2009.

  • Gilles RONDY Gilles RONDY Ambassador
    Gilles RONDY Gilles RONDY

    Born on September 4, 1981 in Brest, Gilles Rondy is partnered and dad of 2 girls (5 and 8 years old). He did all his scholarship in sports and study section until obtaining his diploma of engineer. He then integrated EDF with a status of high-level sportsman, which allowed him to integrate the world of work while preparing the Olympic Games. Here are his charts: – European Champion on 25 kms in 2006 in Budapest and vice-champion in 2002 in Berlin – 4th of the world championships 2006 on 10 kms – 15th of the Olympic Games of Beijing on 10 kms – French Recordman of the English Channel crossing in 7h54. Nowadays Gilles Rondy still works by EDF in Martinique where he can enjoy swimming in the sea all year long.

  • John MUMBA John MUMBA Ambassador
    John MUMBA John MUMBA

    With a record of over fifty championship victories, John Mickael M’Bumba, 33, 1m85, participated in English boxing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. He is multiple French champion from 2007 to 2009, bronze medalist at the 2007 world championships in Chicago and 2009 in Milan and gold medalist at the 2006 European Union Championships in Pécs. He holds a 2nd level state diploma in sports education and is committed to transmitting and working for young people in his club: the Aubervilliers Boxing Beats. Open to others and attentive to the respect of difference, John is particularly attached to Olympic universalism.

  • Isabelle LAMOUR Isabelle LAMOUR Presidente d'honneur
    Isabelle LAMOUR Isabelle LAMOUR

    ISABELLE LAMOUR is a fencing champion (Individual French Senior Champion in 1990, Individual French Junior Champion in 1985) who competed in the Seoul and Barcelona Olympic Games (5th in a team). Since 2013, she has been President of the French Fencing Federation and a member of the administrative committees of INSEP (French National Sport Institute) and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). Isabelle Lamour is a dentist. She is awarded Knight of the Legion of Honor.

  • Corinne MEADMORE Corinne MEADMORE Ambassador
    Corinne MEADMORE Corinne MEADMORE

    Corinne Meadmore (former name: LE MOAL), is a French Champion  of rowing. Here are her titles:

    • participation at two Olympic Games, 1976 Montreal and 1992 Barcelona
    • 3 participations at World Championships
    • finalist in skiff in Amsterdam in 1977
    • 19 times French champion in skiff and 4 couple

    “As an Olympic rower, I have always loved the fraternity of the countries expressed by the athletes who find themselves around a passion or a sport in a spirit of peaceful fellowship. The difference is judged … on the finish line, without discrimination of age, physics, race, religion, education. At a time when the difference can turn to ostracism, harassment, and exclusion, I greet the GAY GAMES for their work. I encourage and support this event open to all in order to share and get to know each other better. And for that nothing is better than the sport! Good luck to all and lots of fun in the effort.”


Welcome the world during GAY GAMES 10! In August 2018, we will have to help 15000 participants on 70 differents venues in Paris and surroundings so that they can give their personal best. PARIS 2018 gathers 150 volunteers. Be part of our strong team that will make it happen. If you have a positive attitude, if you are approachable and friendly, if you have an ability to work well in a team environment and “go the extra mile”, then you will be an outstanding ambassador for the PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10.

To become a member of our organization PARIS 2018, please download the membership form (PDF format in French):