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for the next 1,000
before 30 September 2017


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To register, go to Registration System

It will be necessary to go until payment so that your registration is validated. You will find more information on the registration system homepage.

Once registered you will be able to access the Registration Portal   , this will allow you to:

  • Access your registration and print your entry confirmation
  • Modify your registration
  • Manage your teams
  • Modify your personal information
  • Change your password

Pricing conditions

How much does it cost?

The registration fee has two components that add up:

  1. a basic fee, mandatory for any registration,
  2. a variable rate, depending on the cultural or sporting event chosen

The basic price includes:

  • Your participation in the opening ceremony,
  • Your participation in the closing ceremony,
  • Your official participation medal,
  • Your free access to the accreditation center in the village of the Gay Games, and most of the sports venues,
  • Your public transport pass (bus, metro, RER) throughout the Ile-de-France (5 zones) for non-Parisians,
  • The full program
  • Your welcome bag
  • Promotional offers that are negotiated for you.

The prices of the chosen sports or cultural events are variable according to the organizing cost of each event. See each sporting or cultural event pages to see availability and prices.


How Base Registration rates vary

The next 2,000 registrations before 30 September 2017 are at “Red Supporters” base rate of 160 € (125 € for Francilians).
Note bene: 100 € ~111 US$ ~ 87 £ as of 13 June 2017

Base Registration Rates are progressive depending on both the date of the registration and the number of registrations already received.

So, the earlier you register, the less it will cost you!

(NOTE:  Base registration rates for Parisians does not include the 35 Euros public transportation pass.)

Categories of
Basic Registration Fee
Start Date at the latest End Date at the latest Maximum Enrollment
at the specified rate
Maximum Basic Registration Fees
Very Early Bird Fees 13 May 2016 13 June  2016 1,000 registrations 120 €
Early Bird Fees 14 June 2016 13 Jan. 2016 2,000 registrations 130 €
Blue Supporters Fees 13  Jan. 2017 11 June
2,000 registrations 145 €
Red Supporters Fees 12 June
30 Sept. 2017 2,000 registrations 160 €
Smart Fees 1 Oct. 2017 31 Dec 2017 2 000 registrations 175 €
Standard Fees 1 Jan. 2018 30 Apr. 2018 3 000 registrations 185 €
Late Fees 1 May 2018 30 June 2018 3 000 registrations 205 €

For example, basic fees on 15 June 2017 are 160 €, but as soon as registrations at this rate are over 2.000, basic fees raise to the next fees. If the number of registrations doesn’t reach the maximum quantity at the End date, fees can nevertheless raise.

For example, if you live in the USA and register today in soccer, you pay 160 € of basic fees plus 40 € of soccer fees for a total of 200 €. If you register only in May 2018 if there are an available slot, you would pay 205 € + 40 € = 245 €.

The deadline for registrations is scheduled for 30 June 2018.


NOTE:  Paris 2018 reserves the right to modify registration rates at any time.


How rates are calculated?

Participation in the organization costs by participants was calculated to represent less than a quarter of the overall budget of the event, including large opening and closing ceremonies, the 36 sports, 14 cultural activities, evenings in the village and all the festivities.

Your participation fee is essential for the success of this unique event. It is also a militant act to support our values.

Why register as soon as possible?

  1. First registered, first served: all activities have a limited number of capacity. To be sure to participate in your activity, you should register as early as possible
  2. Planning: Paris 2018 will have more time to plan all events according to your wishes and you will have more time to prepare your travel and accommodation
  3. Economic: You will take advantage of better prices for registrations but also for your travel and accommodation thanks to our special deal with our official travel agency KTS France and misterbnb and show your support to Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10.





available Slots

as of 27 July 2017


Base fee


Soccer fee


Bowling fee


For the first time in the history of the Gay Games, the organizer PARIS 2018 has negotiated for its participants an Insurance option that covers the registration fees. For a unique payement of € 5.50, each participant may be reimbursed of its registration fees (up to € 300), in case of accident or serious illness, physical incapacity to participate, death in family, in the case of dismissal, and even due to a modification of the leave by your employer. (See general conditions). A new argument to register early and enjoy the promotional rate. This optional insurance should be taken when registering at Gay Games 10. You can’t subscribe afterwards.

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship

Created in 2002 by the Federation of Gay Games, the Outreach program encourages the participation of people with financial difficulties. More than 300 people were assisted in the previous editions. The purpose of this is to increase the diversity of participants in the Gay Games and encourage the participation of people with cultures or regions where it is particularly risky to live openly LGBTIQ +.

With the participation of the Foundation Inclusion Paris 2018, under the aegis of FACE and in conjunction with the Federation of Gay Games, PARIS 2018 GAY GAMES 10 intends to continue and to intensify this solidarity program. The goal is to collect over € 200,000 from private donors to allocate 500 scholarships. 

Participants can also show solidarity and make an additional donation to allow the participation of people worldwide.

What types of scholarships is offered ?

Depending on personal circumstances, the scholarship program supports some or all of the following:

  • Basic Registration (ceremonies, transportation pass, participation medal …)
  • registration for conference, sports or cultural event
  • Accommodation (private, hotel, shared)
  • The return trip or single (plane, train, bus)

What are the requirements?

  1. Complete the scholarship application, click here or go to:
  2. Being at least 18 years or older on 4 August 2018.
  3. Having a passport whose validity is after 12 February 2019 (except for the residents of the European Union).
  4. Commit to stay in Paris from 03 to 12 of August 2018 and to participate in some mandatory events.

How is the selection made ?

All information and data will be confidential and accessible only to the Outreach Program team. The Outreach program tries to help as many people as possible but it is not possible to meet all needs. In particular, the cost of passports or visas are not supported. The selection will be announced by the end of 2017 and no later than early 2018.

How to help this program?

When registering, participants can show solidarity and make an additional donation to allow the participation of people from the  whole world. It is also possible to make donations to the Foundation Inclusion Paris 2018, tax deductible for French residents.

To fund your individual participation or your team, you can also search for private partners launch crowdfunding campaigns or raise funds.




Budget in K€



Description of crowdfunding operations

How to finance your participation

To finance for your individual participation or for your team you can:

  1. Search for private partners,
  2. Launch campaigns of crowdfunding
  3. Conduct further operations to raise funds

What can you sell to private partners?

Paris 2018 will host the Gay Games and authorizes the presence of logos of brands or corporate brands on the equipment of participants, also possible during the opening ceremony. Nevertheless, it is outlawed to use the Paris 2018 logo – Gay Games 10 in whole or part. Only official partners of PARIS 2018 – GAY GAMES 10 will have this right. Furthermore, any advertising or brand of liquor, cigarettes and pornography is prohibited.

How to launch campaigns of crowdfunding?

There are many websites for crowdfunding or online wallet that can solicit a people network to finance all or a part of travel and participation to Gay Games 10. To raise a budget of € 2,000, on average it takes to convince 200 people, including family,  entourage,  colleagues, etc.  Considering to offer your donors some counterparties like goodies, testimonials, quotes, autographed photos etc. can be a good reward for them for helping you.

How can you raise more money?

What if you are hosting a dance party or a gala dinner with a participation fee whose profits would be used to register your team to the Gay Games? And if you create a calendar, a game, a T-shirt or another object or newspaper that you could sell? You may find lots of ideas to collect a portion of registration fees, if you stand for all, then maybe you will be able to pay for the whole registration.