Open to the General Public

Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 is open to the city. All the sports and cultural events will be open to all. Most of the athletic fields are accessible to the public in the designated areas (stands). Entrance is generally free except for a few special events that are particularly sought after.

Come as Spectator 

During the Gay Games, all the sports, cultural and festive events are open to the public. Come and support, admire, cheer the athletes and the artists giving the best of themselves. Depending on the event, you can either attend for free or by purchasing a ticket. Admission is charged for the Pink Flamingo, sports dance (day, evening and gala events), figure skating, cheerleading, classical music and choral concerts, etc.

You will find additional information in the program (schedules, addresses, accessibility, admission prices).

The main clubhouse of Paris 2018 Gay Games 10, located on the square in front of Hotel de Ville, is the meeting point for participants, visitors and spectators. The public gardens welcome choruses and bands. Gyms and stadiums in all neighborhoods welcome the athletes from all over the world. The International Rainbow Memorial Run invites the entire city to a festive and commemorative race from Hotel de Ville to Concorde.

Come as Supporter

You are accompanying participants but don’t want to take part in a cultural or sports event ? You want to support an event ? You can choose to be part of this amazing experience as a supporter. Sign up as supporter and enjoy the same advantages as the athletes and artists, including a medal of participation and of course the access to the ceremonies, without paying for the cultural or athletic activity.

3 000

60 000

Events open to the public

What you need to know to enjoy every single moment of the Paris 2018 Gay Games


Learn more about Paris

Nature, culture, and gastronomy are permanent attractions in Paris, which is the most visited city in the world and has been welcoming tourists with open arms for centuries. The Capital City is ready to welcome visitors arriving for Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 and is preparing an amazing program in all areas of the city. Go to the page Stay to find more information.



Do your part and dispose of your rubbish appropriately!  Use the colored recycling collectors

provided: they benefit recycling cooperatives, and support social inclusion and new businesses.



Paris 2018 is committed to offering a place for everyone. Universal accessibility is a guiding principle to making this event accessible to the largest number of people. All venues and activities have information concerning accessibility. Go to the page Accessibility to find more information.

We learn from each other, so don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and propositions to be part of Paris 2018, whatever your disability.

The following Pictograms are used throughout the Paris2018.com site to indicate the level of accessibility for the event or venue in question.

 Fauteuil-Petit Physical Disability – Manual Wheelchair
 Fauteuil electrique-petit Physical Disability – Electric Wheelchair
 Handicap_JambeBras_petit Physical Disability – Standing
 Sensoriel déficient visuel-petit Sensitive Disability – Visually Impaired
 Handicap_Malentendant-petit Sensitive Disability – Hearing Impaired


Events and Ceremonies

  • Before leaving for the ceremony, check out the latest information about the Games on www.paris2018.com
  • Do not forget your tickets and check the date, time and place of competitions on the website before leaving. You can obtain more tickets on ticketing.paris2018.com
  • Check the weather forecast and prepare yourself accordingly
  • Use public transport. It is not possible to park at the competition venues and their surroundings
  • Plan your trip. Transport systems and competition venues will be crowded. It can take you a while to go back and forth!
  • Arrive early: The Opening Ceremony venue opens at 16h30. We suggest you to be in your seat until 19h00. Check out this information on page Ceremony
  • You will go through a security check. Forbidden or restricted items will be collected and not returned. Check the complete list on page Security
  • Avoid carrying bags to speed up your entrance. If necessary, choose the smaller ones that you can put on your lap or under the seat
  • Identify children and other special cases with bracelets made available at the public information desks
  • Look for Paris 2018 team members wearing green – they are there to help you!
  • It is forbidden to smoke at all venues.
  • Bring your energy and support. Let’s make it an unforgettable ceremony!

Events requering a ticket

Opening Ceremony

4 August 2018

Stade Jean Bouin

5000 à 8000 seats

90 €


Closing Ceremony

11 August 2018

Parvis de l’Hôtel de ville

2000 seats

30 €


Official Opening Party

Grand Palais

4 August 2018

5 600 seats

tickets available here: https://www.weezevent.com/big-grand-palais



Girls Party

Le Moulin rouge

8 August 2018

2 000 seats

15 €


Closing Party

Grande halle de la villette

11 August 2018

7 000 seats

25 €


Pink Flamingo

Piscine Georges Vallerey

10 August 2018

1000 seats

20 €


Gala de patinage artistique

Patinoire Sonja-Hénié Accorhotels Arena

400 seats

25 €


Gala de danse sportive

Gymnase Japy 11e

from 200 to 500 seats

De 12 à 40 €


Visit Tours


Du 6 au 10 August 2018

100 seats

15 €



Gymnase des fillettes 18e

6 August 2018

1 600 seats

15 €


Ciné-club 7ème genre

Cinéma Le Brady

6 August 2018

90 seats

7 €


Sightseeing cruise

Société de bâteaux mouche

10 August 2018

300 seats

20 €


Concerts: Choirs + bands + orchestras

Salle Pleyel

8 et 9 August 2018

2500 seats

20 €


Spectators Charter of Good Conduct

Paris 2018 – Gay Games 10 is based on five values – diversity, respect, equality, solidarity and sharing – that the public and the participants are invited to practice these values. To support Paris 2018 is a civic commitment. The Gay Games celebrate liberty, equality and fraternity.  Our thanks to the spectators, visitors, supporters and participants for upholding this charter of good conduct.

  1. I will respect the diversity of participants regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, handicap, religion, culture, etc.
    1. I will support by my membership, my attitude, and my commitment to the Gay Games, the Paris 2018 association and its partners; I am an ambassador of the Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 values.
    2. I will mind my language and avoid any discriminatory, sexist, racist or homophobic comments.
    3. I will refuse any form of physical or verbal violence and damage to property either before, during or after all events.
    4. I will respect secularism and accept all differences.
    5. I will be careful to project a positive image of myself, my club and my hometown through my exemplary behavior at all times.
  2. I will respect all security guidelines, rules and sports ethics of Paris 2018 and its national and international sports federations, the organization ruling committee and the Ministry of Interior.
    1. I will remain in the designated areas for spectators and behind the security barriers, including when taking pictures, videos or selfies.
    2. I will refuse to lead or to take part in any action that would hurt my club, the Gay Games Federation, Paris 2018, or the public order and security.
    3. I will watch over my children and be sure to hold the hand of the youngest (under 10 years old).
    4. I will keep my pets on a leash.
    5. I will be careful with the equipment, material and premises.
  3. I will respect the eco-responsable aspects of Paris 2018-Gay Games 10.
    1. I will dispose of refuse in the appropriate trash and recycling containers.
    2. I will travel whenever possible by foot or by bicycle, or use the public transportation or car-pooling.
    3. I will buy only the essential in order to avoid unnecessary waste.
    4. I will look after the environment and alert those around me
  4. I will take care of my health and those in fragile condition :
    1. I will avoid heat stroke : I take with me enough water to ensure an optimal hydration, especially for children, persons in fragile health and older people.
    2. I will protect myself from the sun and use the shade, hats and sunglasses.
    3. I will drink alcoholic beverages in moderate amounts and smoke only in designated areas and moderately.
    4. I will be attentive to those around me and I will help those who are in need, fragile or elderly.
  5. I will support my team and my favorite players based on fair play.
    1. I will remain in control of myself. Under all circumstances, my behavior will be exemplary, based on respect of others.
    2. I will encourage and support my team, in good and also in less than good moments, and I will respect the opposing team and their supporters. I will remain humble in victory and dignified in defeat.
    3. I will ensure the physical and moral integrity of opposing players, trainers, leaders and supporters, and I will accept unequivocally the decisions of the referee.
    4. I will contribute to create a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment in the places of sports, festive and cultural events and its surroundings.

Paris 2018 Gay Games will enforce this charter by all means available (verbal warning, temporary or definitive exclusion,…).    Failure to comply with the present articles will result in immediate sanctions by officials of Paris 2018-Gay Games 10 and its partners.