Proposed Accommodation

In early August, prices are usually lower than at other moments of the year in Paris because there is no professional tourism. This is why you will find many hotel rooms and other accomodation at all price levels. Nevertheless don’t wait too much to get your favorite spot. Our partners offer special fares for Gay Games participants or visitors. First booked, first served.

KTS France

KTS France is a well known travel agency specialized in hosting congresses and international events.

KTS France has been selected in order to offer participants best rates and enough hotel rooms in Paris during Gay Games 10.

KTS France is the only one agency where participants and visitors can book rooms so early at discount rates.

Please use KTS France to organize your travel, for you or your team. A dedicated team will find the best solution for you. Please feel free to contact them, specially if you book for groups and teams, contact : Tel: +33 1 58 36 66 66

KTS France is our official partner for hotel bookings and transport (by air, train…) in Europe and from your guests home and offers a great choice of excursions in and outside Paris to make every stay in France memorable.

KTS France offers travel, airport transfer, accommodation for Hotels, Hostels, Team and Group Accommodation, as well as Customized accommodation requests.

When choosing to book through KTS France, our guests will benefit from the best possible negotiated prices but will also sponsor the organization of the Gay Games!

New: KTS France offers an exclusive offer on Air France with a discount between 15% and 25% on each flight you book with KTS France.

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misterb&b is a proud official partner of Paris 2018 for bed and breakfast and apartments rental that would allow everyone to “stay like a gay local”!

misterb&b is the #1 gay hotelier in the world. This is a symbolic partnership because not only is Paris the hometown to misterb&b, but the concept on which it was founded, is the same of the Gay Games, as described by founder, Tom Waddell “…the word ‘equality’ would take on its full meaning, a world in which exclusion based on difference would no longer exist”.

Since its launch, misterb&b has focused on flourishing the LGBTQIA community – as a platform that connects LGBTQIA friendly hosts and travelers around the world, where everyone is welcome. “ALL EQUAL” is not only the theme of the upcoming Paris 2018 Gay Games 10, but a mantra that supports the cornerstone of each organization, and further reinforces our partnership.

Equality connects, diversity unites, and solidarity welcomes. misterb&b is proud to be collaborating with such a wonderful organization that really encompasesses and encourages the LGBTQIA community.

Just as all are welcome to participate in the Gay Games, all are welcome to explore the world with misterb&b!

For apartments and rooms, see misterb&b at: