Gay Games are for everyone.
You don’t need to be gay or good.
Just participate.

Competition open to everyone,
regardless of the level!
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Our philosophy

Paris 2018 is designed as a space open to and welcoming to everyone: Women, Men, Gays, Lesbians, Trans, Bi, Youth, Seniors, and Disabled – whatever your gender identity, sexual orientation and your personal situation are.

Paris 2018 is meant to be an inclusive event that embraces diversity, with a program rich in both athletic and cultural activities and festivities.

The Gay Games have been organized to integrate all those who wish to participate, whatever their gender, within a group united around the values of sharing, diversity, respect, and sharing.


« One motto: all equal. Without any discrimination of age, origin, health status, sexual orientation or gender identity. »



Ladies, many of you have already joined us as participants, or volunteers, but we expect even more of you!

Make sure to register before the final deadline of June 30th!

You will surely find an activity that you love in the athletic, or cultural, program

And remember that the Women’s Party on August 8th at Le Ponton is just for you!



Whatever your gender identity, the Paris 2018 team has a special team dedicated to warmly welcoming you!

Paris 2018 innovates by renovating the rules of traditional sports and those of the Federation of Gay Games to include each person. You can find this policy « PARIS 2018 Gender Policy » HERE

To sum up, Paris 2018 offers anyone to register in the gender they wish and asks each participant to accept and respect this choice.


Don’t know yet what to do this August?

Come and join us, to play your favorite sport or volunteer with our Paris 2018 teams.

Youth from all over the world will be in Paris this August for these great events.

Remember to check our festivities program!

We have also created, especially for you, an affordable accommodation offer here



Participate in Paris 2018 in the sport or cultural activity that you love, or try a new sport!

Come and appreciate this event dedicated to new meetings and sharing.

You can try one of the “wellness sports” in a caring environment, where the goal is to simply give your Personal Best without a focus on numbers.

Come and join a sport, support us, or volunteer for this amazing adventure!


Paris 2018 is an event for all who want to participate, and we believe that everyone is strong!

If you need some support for an event, please see the special page: