Roller Derby

Roller Derby Roller Derby From Sunday 5 August to Saturday 11 August 2018

Competition open to everyone,
regardless of the level!
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The women’s and men’s roller derby tournaments of Paris 2018 Gay Games 10 will be held at the Salle Charpy within the Stade Charlety, one of the major sports venues in Paris. They are organized by the Paris Roller Girls (PRG) with the help of the French Roller Sports Federation (FFRS).

Approximately 300 participants are expected for these competitions open to all regardless of level.

Register now on the Facebook event dedicated to roller derby tournaments and follow the preparation of trials.




As of 30 septembre 2017


To participate, each participant must be over 18 years of age and and having obtained his/her Minimum Skills.

A team is composed of 14-20 members.

Registration is done on the PARIS 2018 registration site.  No registrations will be accepted on site.

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Spectators are highly encouraged to come and support their favorite players. Admission is free !



The applicable rules are those of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).


Two tournaments are organised:

  • Women’s Tournament
  • Men’s Tournament

A Vagine Regime ranking will be organized within the Women’s Tournament with 4 teams:

  • Vagine Regime USA
  • Vagine Regime UK
  • Vagine Regime EUROPE
  • Vagine Regime NORDIC



05 - 11 august

  • 9:00am: warm-up
  • 10:00am: first match


The organization committee of PARIS 2018 reserves the right to modify the events planning in case of extreme necessity.



The organization committee of PARIS 2018 reserves the right to create level categories if needed.


  • Physical Disability Manuel Wheelchair Physical Disability Manuel Wheelchair
  • Physical Disability Electric Wheelchair Physical Disability Electric Wheelchair
  • Physical Disability Standing Physical Disability Standing
  • Hearing Disability Hearing Disability
  • Visual Disability Visual Disability

Information given as an indication. Any person with disabilities who wishes to participate in sporting events is invited to contact us at

The organizing commitee

The team responsible for the organization of the Roller Derby are a group of Roller Derby athletes from the Paris Roller Girls who are motivated by the worthy cause of the PARIS  2018 project, and give freely of their time so that the games will be of unique quality and remain forever memorable.


Federations and clubs

  • FFRoller FFRoller French Federation of Roller Sports
    FFRoller FFRoller

  • Paris Roller Girls Paris Roller Girls Roller


  • Carine alias Cocoon Crash Carine alias Cocoon Crash Roller Derby Coordinator
  • Lucie alias Butch Shan Lucie alias Butch Shan Organization Committee Member


The participants of the first three placing teams of each competition will receive gold, silver, and bronze metals respectively.