Rowing Rowing from Sunday 5 August to Monday 6 August 2018

Make this human journey together with us

Rowing was held at Lac de Vaires-sur-Marne – an international rowing course newly renovated with new facilities opening in July 2018. The regatta was organized by some volunteers of Paris 2018 with support from the French Rowing Federation (FFA).

Nearly 350 rowers competed, with races for men, women and mixed teams in Open and Masters age categories. Lightweight categories were offered for single scull (1x) races.



See the results below:


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All races will be over 1000m.

The general rules for this regatta are FISA (the International Rowing Federation) Rules of Racing for Masters Regattas, but with some modifications:
• Preliminaries and finals in races with more than 6 entries. No repêchages.
• Masters races will only be conducted individually if there are more than 4 entries, otherwise races will be gathered together and participants will race against each other across age and boat categories based on handicap rules based on ideal racing times reported by FISA.
• Medals will be given separately for each boat category, but not for every Masters category, even if the races are combined.
• Participants in Masters races compete for medals across age categories based on the handicaps given at the start of the race.
• Women may row in a men’s event as long as there is at least one man in the boat (excluding the coxswain).
• Female coxswains will be permitted in men’s crews and vice versa.
• Crew changes will be allowed after the entry deadline even though this may result in the lowering of the average age of the crew for Masters races. The handicap for the crew will be recalculated according to the age category of the crew.
• We expect all crews, both club and composite crews, to look fabulous on the water, but will not require crews to compete wearing uniform clothing.


Regattas rowing take place on the distance of 1000 m.
The following events are organized:

Events Men Women Mixed Open Masters  Lightweight
1x (Single Sculls) X X X X X
2x (Double Sculls) X X X X X
2- (Coxless Pairs) X X X X
4x (Quadruple Sculls) X X X X X
4- (Coxless Fours) X X X X
8+ (Coxed Eights) X X X X X

For mixed events, there must be the same number of male and female

Open events:
They are open any participant over 18 years. Masters can apply equally to Open or Masters events.

Masters events:
A rower may compete in Masters rowing events from the beginning of the year during which the rower reaches the age of 27.

Master categories follow the nomenclature of FISA:
▪ A – Minimum age: 27 years
▪ B – Average age: 36 years or more
▪ C – Average age: 43 years or more
▪ D – Average age: 50 or older
▪ E – Average age: 55 years or more
▪ F – Average age: 60 or older
▪ G – Average age: 65 or more
▪ H – Average age: 70 years or more
▪ I – Average age: 75 years or more
▪ J – Average age: 80 years or more
▪ K- Average age 85 years or more

Age categories do not apply to coxswains of Masters crews.

Time handicaps will be calculated based on ideal times from FISA Masters competitions to allow competition across all Masters age categories, i.e. in races with different Masters age categories crews will be started at different time intervals according to their handicap.

Mixed events
In mixed events, there must be the same number of men and women.
The coxswain may be of either gender.

Lightweight events
Lightweight events are only offered for 1x (Single Sculls) Open and Masters categories.
• A lightweight male single sculler may not weigh more than 72.5 kg
• A female lightweight single sculler may not weigh more than 59 kg

The minimum weight for a coxswain wearing the racing uniform is 55 kg. To make up this weight, a coxswain may carry a maximum of 15 kg deadweight which shall be placed in the boat as close as possible to his person. No article of racing equipment shall be considered as part of this deadweight.

Coxswains are not required to be weighed before their race but are subject to random checks or selection for weighing immediately after disembarking after their race.

The coxswain may be of any gender in the Mens’, Womens’ and Mixed events.
Age categories do not apply to coxswains of Masters crews.

The organizing commitee

Fédérations and clubs


  • Pierre Pierre Regatta Director, responsible for rowing at Paris 2018
  • Adrian Adrian Responsible for communication and rowing registration
  • Gilles Gilles Responsible for boat rentals

Pierre, Gilles and Adrian are all avid rowers at the Paris rowing club Aviron Marne et Joinville. Adrian has co-organised several LGBTQ+ rowing events in the past such as the Eurogames in Copenhagen in 2003, the World Outgames also in Copenhagen in 2009 and the Eurogames in Stockholm in 2015.

Besides Pierre, Gilles and Adrian, there is a team of highly motivated volunteers that are committed to ensuring that rowing at Paris 2018 will be a unique and unforgettable experience.