Urban Dance Workshop

Urban Danse Workshop Urban Danse Workshop Sunday 5 August 2018

Event opent to all, whatever the ability!
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For this 10th edition of Gay Games, Aquahomo offers three urban dance workshops of one and a half hours each.

For six years now, we have explored multiple queer culture styles of dance, from the streets and from clubs: voguing, waacking, hype, locking, hip hop, house…

One of these workshops is specifically adapted for an audience with disabilities.

There is room for over 50 dancers in these workshops which are open to all, no matter what ability!

Register now on the Facebook event dedicated to urban dance workshops and follow the preparation of trials.



as of 09 February 2018


To participate in these workshops, each dancer must be over 18 years old.

Registration are done on the PARIS 2018 registration website.

No entries will be accepted on site.

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People who wish attend these workshops as spectators are welcome.



The proposed urban dance workshops are not a competition. Therefore, no rules apply. The only requirement we ask you to respect is to arrive on time so as to avoid disturbing the general planning developed by the dance instructors.



The forecasted program is as follows:


05 August

  • Workshop 1 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Workshop 2 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Workshop 3 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

The organizing committee of PARIS 2018 reserves the right to modify the workshop schedule depending on the number of registered participants.



The workshops are open for everyone no matter what level.


  • Physical Disability Manuel Wheelchair Physical Disability Manuel Wheelchair
  • Physical Disability Electric Wheelchair Physical Disability Electric Wheelchair
  • Physical Disability Standing Physical Disability Standing
  • Hearing Disability Hearing Disability
  • Visual Disability Visual Disability

Information given as an indication. Any person with disabilities who wishes to participate in sporting events is invited to contact us at support.sports@paris2018.com.

The organizing commitee

Federations and clubs

  • Aquahomo Aquahomo Water-Polo, Swimming, Aquagym, Handball, Fitness, Yoga and Dance
    Aquahomo Aquahomo
    Water-Polo, Swimming, Aquagym, Handball, Fitness, Yoga and Dance

    Founded almost 20 years ago, Aquahomo is a masters multisports club.

    With more than 325 adult members, AQUAHOMO is the 1 st LGBTHI multi-sport association in France.

    All athletes are welcome, whatever their level, gender or sexual orientation, with a tolerance,

    respect and integration spirit.

    Since 20 years, we are attached to allow all of our members to grow and develop themselves with

    sport practice in 7 disciplines (Swimming, Water Polo, Urban Dance, Fitness, Handball, Yoga,


    The association offers 12 weekly time slots to all of our members.

    We consider sport as promoting inclusion and enabling everyone to find their place.

    AQUAHOMO is in the spotlight of Gay Games Paris 2018. We are the only association organizing 3

    sports events: Urban Dance, Waterpolo and Men and Mixed Handball. We also participate in the

    Pink Flamingo show.

    Our motto: Sports, Conviviality and Happy Mood!

    For more information: https: //.aquahomo.com


  • Bihn Bihn Urban Danse Coordinator
  • Ronan Ronan Head of volunteers


Since this is not a competition, no results will be established and no medals will be awarded.