Health Conference 2017

Health Conference 2017 Health Conference 2017 March 9-10, 2017

Paris 2018 organized the first international colloquium on the health of homosexual, bisexual and trans people *, on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 March 2017 at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Paris.

During these two days, participants reported on the latest research on LGBT health, highlighted innovative health promotion and care actions, and identified all the work that remains to be done. In health education, prevention, sexual health and care so that these people can live their daily life as a full citizen.

After several round tables, testimonials and papers from a call for international papers, this scientific symposium highlighted the need to better structure health research and to better take care of LGBT people in the healthcare system.

The languages of the colloquium were French and English. A French-English interpretation was available for the entire conference.

The symposium was organized with the support and in partnership with:

Three respected Institutions:

  • CMG – College of General Practice,
  • SFSP – French Society of Public Health,
  • SFFEM – French and Francophone Society of Medical Ethics)

Actors involved in the health issues of LGBT people:

  • Acceptess-T,
  • Afrique Arc-en-Ciel Ile-de-France,
  • AIDES,
  • l’Association de médecine gay friendly (AMG),
  • Bi’Cause,
  • le Centre LGBT de Paris Ile-de-France,
  • le COREVIH Ile-de-France Sud,
  • l’Equipe nationale d’intervention en prévention et santé pour les entreprises (ENIPSE),
  • GreyPRIDE,
  • HF-Prévention qui a assuré l’organisation matérielle du colloque,
  • l’Inter-LGBT,
  • Le Kiosque Infos Sida et Toxicomanie,
  • le Mouvement d’affirmation des jeunes lesbiennes, gais, bi et trans,
  • OUTrans,
  • PsyGay,
  • Shams France,
  • Solidarité internationale LGBT (SIL).

Various funding, in addition to certain registration fees, made it possible to invite foreign speakers, to provide interpreting and to offer participants coffee breaks and meals in the canteen of the ministry in charge of health:

  • Public funding: Interministerial Delegation against racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hatred (DILCRAH), Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (Directorate General of Health), Ministry of Culture (Pascal Fund), Public Health France, National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS).
  • Private funding: ViiV Healthcare, Blued.

Colloque - With the support of EN


Thursday 9 March


Zinna BESSA – Assistant Director for the Health of Populations and Prevention of Chronic Illnesses, Directorate-General for Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Gabriel GIRARD – Chairperson of the Scientific and Ethics Committee of the Symposium

Manuel PICAUD – President, Paris 2018 (Organizer of 10th Gay Games, August 2018)

Geng LE – Founder & CEO of BLUED – China / Video


Discrimination against LGBTIQ+ People in the Health Field


Nathalie LYDIE – Santé publique France (French national public health agency)

Christophe MARTET – Journalist, former Chairperson of Act Up Paris


Sarah BENICHOU (France) – “The Health of LGBTIQ+ People from the Perspective of Non-Discrimination Laws and Systemic Discrimination”

Nuno PINTO (Portugal) – “Health4LGBTI : Reducing Health Inequalities Experienced by LGBTI People” / Presentation


First theme: “Can We Be Physically and Mentally Healthy in a Heteronormative and HIV-phobic Society?”


Prof Christian HERVE – Chairperson of the Société française et francophone d’éthique médicale (SFFEM)

Flora BOLTER – Co-Chairperson of the Centre LGBT Paris Île-de-France

Academic speaker:

Natacha CHETCUTI-OSOROVITZ (France / Belgium) – “Left Behind in Prevention Programs? Life History and Sexual Health for Lesbians in France” / Presentation

Civil society speaker:

Michael HÄUSERMANN (Switzerland) – “Heteronormativity and Homophobia Impact on the Sexual Health of Homosexuals and Bisexuals: The Experience from the Gay Health Project in Geneva” / Presentation


Presentations issued from the Call for Papers

Fabrice BOURLEZ (France) – “Caring for the Spirit with Gender Analysis?” / Presentation

Bertrand BREQUEVILLE (France) – “Promoting Sexual Health Services Toward Gay Men/MSM and LGBTIQ+ People in a Strongly Homophobic Environment – The Experience of Doctors of the World in Uganda” / Presentation

Claudia FOURNIER (Québec, Canada) – “Post-immigration Experiences of Gay and Lesbian Migrants: An Integrative Literature Review” / Presentation


Second theme: “Sports Health and Sexual Health:The Body and the Cult of Performance”


Prof Pierre LOMBRAIL – Chairperson of the Société française de santé publique (SFSP)

Sandrine FOURNIER – Sidaction, France

Academic speaker:

Ford HICKSON (United Kingdom) – “Chemsex as Edgework” / Presentation

Civil society speaker:

Veronica NOSEDA (France) – “Between Sports and Activism: A Bid for a New Definition of Activism”

Sylvain COOPMAN (France) – President, Fédération sportive gaie et lesbienne (FSGL)


Presentations issued from the Call for Papers

Carlos DIAZ (Sweden) – “LGBTQ & Sports – Challenge the Norms” / Presentation

Fréderic BAUMANN & Gérard PELE (France) – “Doping Prevention for the 10th Gay Games: The Paris 2018 Approach” / Presentation

Mélanie PEREZ & Sylvain FEREZ (France) – “Civil Society Organisations Working Towards Sport Access for HIV-Positive People: Fighting Against Exclusion and Providing Health and Social Services” / Presentation

Coraline DELEBARRE (France) – “The Sexuality of Women Who Have Sex With Women: Which Realities? Preliminary results from the SexoFSF Survey” / Presentation


Round table: “Must a Happy Life Be Discrete?”


Marie-Ange SCHILTZ – École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)

Coline MEY – Association AIDES


Daniel DEFERT – Founding Chairperson of AIDES

Prof Jean-François GIRARD – Honorary State Councillor, former Director-General of Health

Gilles CLAVREUL – Prefect, Interministerial Delegate for the Fight against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Hate against LGBTIQ+ people (DILCRAH)

François BERDOUGO – Advocate against AIDS and for the rights of patients since 2000 – Board of Doctors of the World / Presentation


Friday 10 March

Les enjeux de l’accès aux soins des personnes LGBT

Animation / Modération :

Nelly REYDELLET – Le Kiosque Infos Sida et Toxicomanie / Checkpoint (Groupe SOS)

Mathieu TRACHMAN – Institut national d’études démographiques (INED)

Intervenants :

Martin BLAIS (Québec – Canada) – « De l’écart entre les besoins de soins et leur satisfaction chez les personnes LGBT : des enjeux individuels aux enjeux structurels » / Présentation

Vincent LECLERCQ (France) – « La santé des LGBT : bastion des inégalités ? » / Présentation


Conference on Ethics

Prof. Didier SICARD (France), Honorary Chairman of the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) for Life Sciences and Health : “When Medicine is ‘Ill’ with Heteronormative Judgements”


Third theme: “Health Issues Throughout the Different Stages of Life”


Omar DIDI – MAG Jeunes LGBT, Movement of Affirmation of Young LGBTIQ+

Virginie DECOUTURES – Université de Picardie-Jules Verne

Academic speaker:

David BRENNAN (Ontario, Canada) – “Online Sexual Health Outreach for Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in Ontario”

Civil society speaker:

Dr Bertrand RIFF (France) – “Thoughts on my Own Participation in the ‘Trans Health Network’: Biological, Psychological and Social Support during Transition” / Presentation


Presentations issued from the Call for Papers

Isabelle SENTIS (France) – “How Knowing the History of Feminist and LGBTIQ+ Advocacy Allows the Creation of Efficient Health Tools”

Alain LEOBON (France)- “Portrait and Characteristics of Young French HIV-Negative or Unknown-Status MSM (16-24 Years Old), According to the 4th Edition of the ‘NetGay’ Index (2013)” / Presentation

Michael BOCHOW & Ralf LOTTMANN (Germany) “How do Gay Men Age? Specificities in Relationships and Social Networks at Age 60 and Above” / Présentation

Gwenaël DOMENECH-DORCA (France) – “Health for Everyone and the Negation of Desires: How Public Health Prevention Reduces MSM Sexuality to Reprehensible Behaviour” / Presentation


Fourth theme: “Taking Care of Yourself: Benefits to Oneself and to Everyone in the LGBTIQ+ Community“


Dr Marie-Hélène CERTAIN – Collège de la médecine générale (CMG)

Ariel Jean-Urbain DJESSIMA-TABA – Afrique Arc en Ciel Paris Île-de-France

Academic speaker:

Dr Jen WANG (Switzerland) – “LGBTIQ+ Health: Common Problems, Common Resources, and Common Responses?” / Presentation

Civil society speaker:

Giovanna RINCON (France) – “SportTrans Citizenship: From Quality of Life to Advocacy”


Presentations issued from the Call for Papers

Dr Thibaut JEDRZEJEWSKI (France) – “EGaLe-MG – Overview on the Difficulties Encountered by Homosexual Individuals in General Medicine Due to their Specificities – Thoughts on the Background and Current Data, the Historicity and Gay and Lesbian Subjectivity” / Presentation

Lydie POREE (France) – “Creating a ‘Safe Space’ for Health of LGBTIQ+ People at the Family Planning Centre in Ille-et-Vilaine (35) – Presentation of an Associative Work about Sexual Health” / Presentation

Serge Thierry AMBA ENKOAME (Cameroon) – “Support in Moving from the Bottom to the Top”

Caroline IZAMBERT (France) – “Expertise and Community Advocacy Against the Refusal to Care for People Living with HIV”


Round table: “How to Better Structure Research in Human and Social Sciences in the Field of Health for LGBTIQ+ People”


Prof Didier HOUSSIN – Former President of the Research Evaluation and Higher Education Agency


Yaël ECHED – Network of Youth Researchers on Health and Society

Jean-Claude DESENCLOS – French national public health agency, Santé publique France

Véronique BRIQUET-LAUGIER – French National Research Agency (ANR)

Véronique DORE – for research on AIDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS)

Joseph LARMARANGE – Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé (AVIESAN)

Wilfried RAULT – French National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED)


Closing of the Symposium

Manuel PICAUD – Awards

Gérard PELE – Former Public Health Official – Responsible for the PARIS 2018 Health Team, Athlete Services / Présentation